100gsm Mono Cover Clear Tarpaulins

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100gsm Mono Cover Clear Tarpaulins

Our 100gsm Mono Cover Clear Tarpaulins is a competitively priced, mid-range sheet which is perfect for use where a more rugged cover is required. It is Built with a multi filament grid which is then laminated in LD polyethylene.
Now available in Various sizes our Mono Cover Tarpaulin is widely used for covering hay, boat covers, roofing, construction and gardening. our Clear Mono Cover is best for applications where you may need to work under the sheet, as it allows approx 70% light transmission. Also well known as a cover over rabbit cote and chicken coops.
Aluminium eyelets of 12mm are pre-fitted at metre intervals, for fixing.

  • Features
    Uv Protected
    Vinyl PVC material