Medium Weight Tarpaulins

Medium Weight Tarpaulins are the sheets that provide long-lasting protection to items that are being kept outside. We Supply a different variety of these Tarps. They are neither heavy nor light in terms of weight. They are made from not so heavy materials, but they last for many years without getting damaged. These sheets are also used where you need protection against UV light. They are popular for being used to cover hay grass and in agriculture where you need low weight Tarps to cover Agri products.

Our Medium Weight Tarpaulins are available in different varieties. Our Clear Mono Cover Tarpaulins provide long-lasting protection where you need slightly Heavy Cover is required. They have eyelets at every 1-meter space. They are widely used as roofing tarps, construction sites, and many other places. Our White and Red Tarpaulins have plastic corners with aluminum eyelets at a one-meter interval on all four sides. Our Green and White Tarpaulins are used to cover market stalls. They contain aluminum eyelets at meter intervals. At Tarpaulins Shop We Provide the best quality medium weight tarpaulins at a very low price. Our medium weight tarpaulins are flame retardants which means they can be used where we want to avoid any fire incident. We Supply these sheets at your doorstep. No compromise on quality.

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