Heavy Duty Tarpaulins

Heavy Duty Tarpaulins are very important when you need protection against bad weather conditions such as heavy rain, storms and strong winds. So, it’s important to have durable tarpaulins which can resist against such bad weather conditions. Heavy Duty Tarpaulins are made from polyethylene, PVC and polypropylene materials. PVC tarps are mostly used as truck covers while the tarps made from polyethylene and polypropylene are used for grain bunker covers and large shelters. These Tarps are available in different sizes and weights which makes them flexible to use in different conditions.

 Heavy Duty Tarps have high tensile and resistant to wear and tear which makes them ideal for use in commercial and industrial needs. Besides the uses stated above these tarpaulins can be used as waterproof Covers for Sports Grounds, boat covers and large advertisement banners for businesses. At Tarpaulins Shop we supply a wide range of heavy-duty tarpaulins starting from 270 gsm silver and green Tarpaulins to 500 gsm heavy duty tarpaulins

Our flame retardant 200 gsm white tarpaulins are very famous and mostly used as market stall covers, on construction sites and also used party canopies. We also have super red tough tarpaulins which are widely used as garden party covers for people who need tough tarpaulin in sharp color.

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