Super Heavy Weight Tarpaulins

Super Heavy Weight Tarpaulins are made from a special material that gives them thickness. They are widely used because they provide long-lasting protection. They are available in a large variety of our tarpaulins shop. The super heavy-duty beige/blue tarpaulins are the strongest polythene tarpaulins supplied by us where you need protection against wear and tear. It has eyelets at every fifty meters interval and additional eyelets at the corner to provide greater strength.

The Olive-Green Tarpaulin is the heaviest tarpaulin we currently supply made from 560 gsm. Ideal for applications where the durable tarp is needed. They are made to last long. They provide temporary roof solutions where you need to protect items from UV rays and rain. They are so heavy that withstand against storms. These sheets are waterproof so used on market stalls. They have eyelets at corners which are used to fix these sheets at positions. You can use the ropes or bungee shock cords to bind these sheets at Hight level. At tarpaulins shop, we supply Super heavy weight tarpaulins in the best quality and very low rates as compared to others. We Supply a different variety of these tarps, you can call or email us to know which tarp suits your needs. We will ask about the requirements and suggest the best suitable tarp.

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