Clear Tarpaulins

We manufacture Custom sizes in Clear Tarpaulins. If You need Please Email us at

Our Clear Tarpaulins are used where maximum protection against light is required. These waterproof Tarpaulins are widely used on market stalls in bad weather. They are also used in the construction industry because they do not block the sunlight while keeping the whole area dry. The Clear Tarpaulins are made form thick nylon material which makes them a hundred percent waterproof.

The Clear Tarpaulins are used where You need protection against rain, but you also don’t want the light to be blocked. Due to this quality, they are used in gardens and nurseries, where there is a cover against rain and storm needed but also you don’t want to block the light. They are used as covers for animals’ places like kennels and rabbit hutches. You can also use them as a water slide. These Tarpaulins have hems and eyelets at every 50 cm intervals. These Tarpaulins are best suitable to use with bungee shock code. We provide the best quality clear tarpaulins at your doorstep. The weight of our clear tarpaulins is 8 ounces per square meter. There are different sizes available but the famous one is 8f into 10f. There are many uses of these tarpaulins, but the best use is where there is a cover needed but you also don’t want to lose light.

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