Glass Clear PVC Strip Curtain Door Kit To Stop Insects

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Glass Clear PVC Strip Curtain Door Kit To Stop Insects

Crystal Clear PVC Strip Curtain Door Kit To Stop Insects
Product Description:
If you install strip curtains in your workplace, you can guarantee 35-50% savings on energy bills and by following our handy installation guides, available from our Information Centre, we can ensure that you’ll receive the maximum benefits for your environment.
Strip curtains are suited for a variety of domestic and industrial applications to manage temperatures, reduce noise pollution and provide contamination control, among many other benefits.
The standard kit contains crystal clear PVC which is best suited for high traffic pedestrian areas and our premium white plastic bullet rail, designed to make installation, security and replacement easier.
The strip curtains are built to last, the strips can be easily cleaned if necessary and we offer a simple replacement service if the PVC strips become damaged.

Our suspension systems offer a unique bullet-shaped system so the strips can very easily snap on and snap off. This strip curtain kit comes in a variety of size options and each kit contains bullet mounting rails (white HTP) to suit the opening widths and readily punched 200mmW PVC strip This strip curtain kit requires self-assembly.
Simply follow our simple guide and have a drill/knife to hand

Suits opening widths between 900mm 2700mm Suits opening heights between 2150mm 3100mm STRIP

35-50% energy savings through temperature regulation 75% labour savings compared to installation on our conventional system Hands-free accessibility through doorways Unique bullet shaped locking allowing “snap on / snap off” technology Long life and durability