Waterproof PVC Heavy Duty PVC Clear Tarpaulins

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Waterproof PVC Heavy Duty PVC Clear Tarpaulins

The clear PVC 310gsm Clear Tarpaulins are excellent for projects where maximum light is needed. Fully waterproof, 310gsm Clear Tarpaulins are widely used as side curtains on market stalls, or also used covering the goods during bad weather. 310gsm Clear Tarpaulins can be used to work the garden or during building work as they do not block the sunlight while keeping the working area dry.
Also very popular as a waterproof cover for animal Farms such as rabbit hutches, bird sanctuary, and Cage.
As our PVC 310gsm Clear Tarpaulins are an unsupported PVC with no base layer they don’t have comparative versatility as covers with a comparable weight. Thus we don’t prescribe the eyelets on these coverings to be put under strain, Tension, or fixed straightforwardly to hooks. In the event that utilizing the eyelets, we recommend elasticated bungee rope instead of a rope.


1. Shrink proof
2. Waterproof
3. Rot-proof
4. UV Protected
5. 310 gsm

1. Building For Covering building during work
2. Cover Goods In Bad Weather
3. Market Stall
4. Rabbit hutches,
5. chicken coops
6. kennel
7. in Garden during work