Heavy Weight Grey Ripstop Canvas Tarpaulins 17OZ Water Resistance Tarp

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Heavy Weight Grey Ripstop Canvas Tarpaulins 17OZ Water Resistance Tarp

The Ripstop Canvas tarpaulins are blended with a polyester yarn which localises tears and stops them running. At 15oz before treatment, our Ripstop Canvas is a 17oz once proofed. These tarpaulins are imported from India.

Ripstop Canvas tarpaulins are manufactured from a heavyweight cotton which has been treated to make them water resistant, ensuring that they are easier and lighter to handle than traditional wax-processed canvas tarps. 12mm brass-plated eyelets sit at 2ft intervals in single-stitched hems. Strengthening tabs are located at each eyelet, to ensure a firm fixing point.

Please bear in mind that these tarps are a cut size so the finished size will be slightly shorter, also a minimal amount of shrinkage can occur where canvas tarpaulins are subject to varying temperatures. These robust canvas tarps are treated to make them water-resistant and they don’t have the same wax processed feel as some other canvas tarps.


  • Eyelets of Brass-plated at 2ft intervals in stitched hems
  • Water-Resistance
  • Untreated 15oz / 17oz material when treated
  • Chemically treated and therefore lighter to handle than wax-processed tarpaulins
  • Easy To deal with
  • Fabricated from cotton canvas blended with polyester yarns, resulting in ripstop properties