Semi Opaque High Quality 50m PVC Strip Curtain Roll

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Semi Opaque High Quality 50m PVC Strip Curtain Roll

Frosted PVC Strip is for use in ambient temperature applications operating between +50°c to 15°c.

Frosted PVC allows a level of visibility through openings, whilst maintaining a degree of privacy required in some applications.

Frosted PVC is a semi opaque PVC that allows light to shine through the material whilst creating a cloudy visibility.

When an object is close up to the material you can see the detail of the object, however, for objects at a distance the frosted nature of the material ensures that area behind the PVC remains private.
Please note you can make out shapes and outlines but not the detail behind it.

All our high quality pvc products are manufactured and tested to European and British quality standards and comply with European REACH directives.

Technical specifications are available for all pvc products and pvc material grades.